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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 5.3.17

josh crappies spring big 2With the water temps plummeting with the cold snowy weather we have been having , the fish activity has slowed a little bit.  Basically the fish have been hanging a bit deeper (5-8 ft).  As the weather warms up –thanks to the nice upcoming weather—the fish activity will increase as well.  Look for the fish to be in the 1-5 ft range.  Using a crappie minnow rigged under a small bobber, suspend the bait about half way down from the surface. Place the bait near old bulrush beds, cattail areas, old but newly growing weed beds, downed trees/beaver lodges or boat canals.  Try to find water 54 degrees or warmer.  57-59 degrees is my favorite surface temp range this time of year.  Capt Josh Hagemeister, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service. 218-732-9919, www.minnesotaguideservice.com  www.minnesotaicefishhouserental.com

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