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Minnesota Guide Fishing Service’s Report – 2.8.17

boys ice gillsFishing throughout the Park Rapids area has been consistent.  Pike remain active in the 15-25 ft depths.  The larger pike are chasing crappies and can be found near schools of suspended crappies.  Suspend a decoy sized sucker minnow on a quick strike rig to up your odds of landing a trophy.  Walleyes remain active during the evening sundown period in the 12-25 ft range.  Gold colored jigging spoons seem to be the most consistent.  Bluegill action is a little more scattered due to the change in the oxygen levels commonly occurring this time of year.   Small tungsten jigs tipped wth a red spike has been bringing fish through the hole. Ice conditions remain decent, however use common sense when ice fishing.  Good Luck out there, Capt Josh, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service.  www.minnesotaguideservice.com 218-732-9919

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